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Teach your child to write

..are you tired of making handwriting worksheets or does it take too long doing by hand, the Teach Me 2 Write font, makes it so much easier for you, and in doing so will help you give your loved one the head start they deserve, as well as having fun at the same time.

Once you have installed the font you can create unlimited pages of dot to dot text. you can also add your own images or photographs then you can simply print it off, and let them practice their handwriting.

Create your own custom worksheets for your child you can save the worksheets for use at anytime.

The Teach Me to Write Font, lets you create uppercase, lower case and also numbers the font creates dotted letters with a starting point for each stroke of the letter and a direction arrow indicating the direction of the stroke. you can change the colour of the text you create, click on the Free sample link below download some FREE sample worksheets.

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Payment is taken via PayPal once you have made payment you will then be directed to our secure download area where you will find the installation files and installation instructions.
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How does it work

Once you have installed the font a folder will appear on your desktop then simply follow the instructions and you will be ready to create your own worksheets in no time.

Teach me 2 write is a simply a font which when you open up the teach me document from your desktop it will automatically open up in your default word processor e.g. Word or Wordpad (which comes part of windows Windows XP and vista).

The font as you can see from the image below has numbers and arrows to guide your child. You can also adjust the font size as they progress.

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Write kids font your child to write, hand writing for children using dot to dot speeding up their learning

motivate older the pupil the more difficult it is to change poor hand writing habits, unless the pupil is motivated.

Hand writing for teaching children to write teach write start child writing childrens handwriting


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